External Accessories

The exterior of your vehicle is just as important as the interior; we are able to help you design this element with as much or as little detail as you desire.

Whether that be roof bars, side glass carrying systems, strobe lights, ladders and the required storage or simply an extra tow bar.

Here at Trinity we fit everything in house using our specialist fitting teams to ensure your vehicle looks as good as it is practical.

Tow Bars

Towing extra equipment or cargo is an important task that you need the correct tow bar for.

If you require this addition to your vehicle here are Trinity we pride ourselves on our high level of expertise in this field. With exceptional skill and knowledge we can ensure any tow bar we supply meets our customer’s needs.

Mention to us what you need from a tow bar and we can pair this with the vehicles ability and ensure the perfect match.

Roof Bars

The roof of your vehicle can be utilised to become an additional area of storage, meaning the right support system is paramount.

Trinity will ensure your needs are met when it comes to roof racks, roof bars and accessories. We understand each business is different which is why we offer the ability to tailor the roof bars to suit your storage needs and to suit the tasks your business needs to perform.

Rhino delta roofs bars are durable and hard wearing as well as being able to carry up to 75kg per bar. Rhino modular racks and aluminium racks are also a feature we can supply should it be better suited to your needs.

Ladders / Safestow

Health and safety is paramount in today’s working world which means having the correct equipment is important.

We can supply and fit Rhino safestow ladder storage solutions to ensure you meet these high standards. These are suitable for single or multiple ladders; simply let us know your requirements so we can create the best option for you.

The Rhino safestow ladder systems can fit on to any van meaning no one misses out on this fantastic product.


Most commercial vehicles suffer with moisture building up in the rear of the van, resulting in serious issues for the pieces stored in the vehicle.

The answer to this problem is to install air vents. These are needed on the roof and floor to ensure optimum air flow for the load area. This will ensure your precious cargo is protected from the damage that always comes with damp and moisture build up.