Internal Conversions

Internal van racking is the backbone of organisation and efficiency for businesses that rely on commercial vans. Whether you’re a tradesperson, delivery service, or any profession that involves mobile operations, the right internal van racking system can make all the difference.

Our internal van racking solutions are designed with your specific needs in mind. We understand that every van is unique, just like every business, and that’s why we offer customisable racking options. From shelving units for tools and equipment to compartments for small parts and accessories, our racking systems are tailored to maximise space and accessibility.

Safety is paramount when it comes to internal van racking. Our designs prioritise secure storage and easy retrieval, ensuring that your cargo remains intact and your team can work efficiently. Additionally, our racking systems are engineered to withstand the rigours of the road, providing peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected.

Investing in our internal van racking solutions means investing in your business’s productivity and professionalism. It’s a smart choice for those who understand that organization is the key to success on the go. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we’re here to help you make the most of your van’s interior space, turning it into a well-organised and efficient mobile workspace.

Internal Racking

Internal racking is a must have for all business sectors to ensure the best use of space for your business vehicles. The internal racking can range from a simple shelving system; to a front to back, floor to ceiling multi-function conversion.

The Trinity team will create a bespoke interior racking system tailored to your business needs and budget. Our in house designed racking systems are created from cold rolled steel with the additional touch of powder coated frames and end panels. A premium Sortimo racking systems is also available at your request; these are manufactured from aluminium with steel detailing a perfect way to create an individual look in your vehicles.


A power supply that stays on the move with your vehicle, regardless of location! Never worry about being far away from a charging point again.

This must have feature enables your team’s power tools to be charging on the move without the risk of delay. If paired with a charging system they can also run small power tools from the rear of their vehicle enabling it to become a mobile workshop.

A variety of power and charging systems is available and your Trinity contact will be happy to discuss the perfect solution for you.


Gone are the days of making do with the manufacturers standard light in the rear of your vehicle.

We can provide tailored lighting solutions to suit the job required. This can simply be lights that can illuminate on entry of the vehicle to spot lights and exterior beacons.

Each business requires a different lighting system and we are able to construct one to perfectly fit your needs.