Vehicle Security

Your vehicles security is of the utmost importance to our team at Trinity; we only offer the best systems to ensure you have peace of mind when walking away from your vehicle.

We will remove the manufacturer’s standard locks and replace with your new chosen style of lock on site ensuring no time is wasted with a visit to a separate business.

Dead Lock

A mechanical deadlock that secures your vehicle independently from the original locking system. This system is secured by a separate key under full control of the driver, so is a perfect option for owner-drivers or where a driver is relied upon for security of the vehicle

Slam Lock

A Slamlock is perfectly designed for any vehicles where a driver may be in and out of the loading area throughout the day. The Slamlock protects the driver if they forget to lock the doors. Once the door is shut it automatically locks and can only be opened using the Slamlock key, which is a highly effective way to protect the vehicle from theft.

Rep Locks

(Ford transit/customs only)

Highly secure lock replacing the manufactures standard fitting on all ford transits and customs. These are a necessity for business owners that want their ford vehicles to be fitted with the best robust security system to deter potential theft as much as possible.